4 Hour Program

Masterclass 1

Preparation for Massage Championship – Beginners
Duration: 4 hours

1. Introduction to Massage Championships
   – Overview of massage championships and their significance
   – Criteria and requirements for participating in the championship

2. Techniques for Massage Championship
   – Review of fundamental massage techniques
   – Focus on techniques commonly assessed in championships
   – Tips for improving speed and precision in executing techniques

3. Anatomy and Pathology in Massage Championships
   – Understanding the importance of anatomy knowledge
   – Common pathologies and contraindications relevant to the championship
   – Adapting techniques for specific conditions

4. Competition Strategies and Performance Enhancement
   – Mental and physical preparation for the championship
   – Time management during the competition
   – Techniques for managing stress and performing at your best

Masterclass 2

Preparation for Massage Championship – Advanced
Duration: 4 hours

1. Review of Championship Criteria and Expectations
   – Recap of the criteria and requirements for participating in the championship
   – Understanding the specific focus areas for advanced participants

2. Advanced Techniques for Massage Championship
   – Deep tissue techniques for advanced participants
   – Incorporating specialized modalities and approaches
   – Enhancing speed, flow, and creativity in executing techniques

3. Advanced Anatomy and Pathology in Massage Championships
   – In-depth study of the musculoskeletal system and related pathologies
   – Adapting techniques for complex conditions and client needs

4. Mock Competition and Feedback Session
   – Simulated competition scenarios to practice under timed conditions
   – Individualized feedback and guidance from experienced judges
   – Strategies for improving performance based on feedback

Additional Criteria

Here are some additional criteria that judges often use in massage championships. We can incorporate these criteria into the masterclasses to ensure that your massage therapists are well-prepared:

1. Technique and Skill Execution:
   – Proper body mechanics and ergonomics
   – Consistency and precision in applying pressure, strokes, and manipulations
   – Smooth transitions between techniques and body areas
   – Effective use of different massage modalities (e.g., Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage)

2. Client Comfort and Safety:
   – Maintaining a professional and comfortable environment
   – Proper draping techniques to ensure client privacy and warmth
   – Awareness of client feedback and appropriate adjustments in pressure or technique
   – Adherence to hygiene and sanitation protocols

3. Communication and Client Engagement:
   – Active listening to client concerns and preferences
   – Effective communication to ensure client understanding and consent
   – Skillful explanation of treatment plans and post-massage recommendations
   – Creating a relaxing and personalized experience for the client

4. Time Management:
   – Efficient use of time within the allocated competition timeframe
   – Prioritization of techniques based on client needs and competition requirements
   – Balancing speed and quality of massage without sacrificing client comfort

5. Adaptability and Problem-solving:
   – Assessing and addressing client-specific needs and concerns
   – Modifying techniques for clients with special conditions or limitations
   – Quick thinking and adjustment in response to unexpected situations during the massage

6. Professionalism and Ethical Conduct:
   – Demonstrating professionalism, respect, and empathy towards clients
   – Maintaining confidentiality and ethical boundaries
   – Adherence to professional codes of conduct and industry standards

By incorporating these additional criteria into the masterclasses, massage therapists will be well-prepared to showcase their skills and compete effectively in massage championships.

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